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Seeding vs. Planting of Oaks

A collaborative European research experiment

on forest ecosystem restoration


Experimental sites


Oak species









The experiment

The Seeding vs. Planting European experiment is a collaborative research project that aims to improve the success of Oak ecosystem restoration and promote scientific collaboration.

Through a field experiment replicated by researchers across Europe following a standardised protocol, we strive to deepen our understanding of the seeding vs. planting dilemma along environmental gradients.

It was initially part of the RESTAURABIEN project "Restoration of Mediterranean forests and agroforestry systems: Implications of reforestation method (plantation vs. direct seeding) under environmental stress gradients" (RTI2018-096187-J-100). Currently, it is part of the TRANS-ECO project, "Transition towards enhanced revegetation success: large-scale implications of seeding vs. planting for ecological restoration" (TED2021-130976B-100).


It is coordinated at the Department of Ecology of the University of Granada (Spain) and the Andalusian Inter-University Institute for Earth System Research (IISTA), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and supported by members of the Pan-European Network for Climate Adaptive Forest Restoration and Reforestation (PEN-CAFoRR EU COST Action).


Credit: Emanuele Lingua

Our aims

Contributing to scientific knowledge

Providing evidence to deepen our understanding of the seeding vs. planting balance in revegetation.

Improving forest ecosystem restoration

Improving the success of Oak forest and agro-forestry ecosystem restoration.

Promoting scientific collaboration

Encourage the transmission of knowledge between cultures,  strengthen scientific relationships, cooperation and peace.

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