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Protocol PLOS ONE

Leverkus AB, Levy L, Andivia E, Annighöfer P, De Cuyper B, et al. (2021) Restoring oak forests through direct seeding or planting: Protocol for a continental-scale experiment. PLOS ONE 16(11): e0259552.

Poster SERE Conference 2022

Levy, L.; Solera, P.; Reyes-Martín, M.P.; Moreno, R.; Lázaro-González, A.; Rus, C.; Morales-Martín, M.; Castro, J.; Navarro, F.B. & Leverkus, A.B. (2022) Seeding vs. planting with Quercus: A collaborative, continental experiment. Restoring Nature, Reconnecting People: SER Europe 2022 Abstract Book.

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